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Two paramedic bloggers on the way home from Baltimore interrupt breakfast to resuscitate a witnessed cardiac arrest

On the way home from EMS Today …

Opening FaceBook message:

Kelly Grayson

Eating at a diner in New Jersey this morning with my buddy TOTWTYTR, a lady in an adjacent booth went into cardiac arrest.

We got her out of the booth, started compressions, ignored a well-meaning but ignorant bystander, and used the cop’s AED when he arrived. By the time the BLS squad arrived, we got pulses back.

The ALS medic crew was wheeling her out, breathing on her own, a few minutes later.


More on the bystander/CPR expert:

Kelly Grayson

She tried to correct my CPR technique, specifically that I wasn’t doing 30:2, or attempting to give breaths.

I told her, “Standards have changed,” to which she replied, “I took CPR only six months ago!”

I politely replied, “Standards changed …4 months ago, so don’t feel bad. You’ll only be doing it wrong for another 18 months, until it’s time to renew your card.”

Doctor Bryan Bledsoe weighed in with an important question:

Bryan Bledsoe

How was the food?

A shocking development!

Kelly Grayson

Bryan, the Egg-Beater omelet wasn’t bad, but the bus boy whisked away my unfinished home fries while we were saving a life.

On the plus side, the diner owner did comp our breakfast.

Seriously, fantastic result. Woot indeed!

By the way, can all of YOUR public safety partners provide immediate AED access?

It remains one of the most effective differences in sudden cardiac arrest.

Mike “FossilMedic” Ward

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