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More Pittsburgh FF’s Hit the Police Blotter

Aptly-Named Brothers Get Pulled In Together

TWO FLORIANS WHO WORK FOR the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Fire Department were arrested early Saturday morning and charged with aggravated assault.  Nicholas Florian, 24, and his brother Ronald, 27, had an altercation with a man on the sidewalk that ended up with the man being hospitalized.  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting:

Nicholas A. Florian, a firefighter for four years, told police officers he and his brother, Ronald G. Florian, got into an argument with another man before “he and his brother ‘jumped’ the victim,” according to his criminal complaint.

Nicholas Florian, 24, and Ronald Florian, 27, were both charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy.

Officers said they found James Charles Sapienza lying unconscious in the street, bleeding from lacerations on his face and the back of his head, apparently from a bottle or glass that was broken on his head or face. A pool of blood was forming around his head, and officers saw broken glass.

A woman who witnessed the attack said she saw men she later identified as the Florian brothers punching and kicking Mr. Sapienza, who was “lying on the street, dazed and confused as he was being punched and kicked,” the complaint says.

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JUST THREE HOURS BEFORE THE FLORIANS ganged up on Sapienza, a Pittsburgh fire lieutenant, Erik Vater was arrested and charged two counts of DUI and careless driving.  Police say that he was driving and made a left turn into oncoming traffic, then collided with another car.  Again from the Post-Gazette:

Neither driver was hurt, but a passenger in the other vehicle was taken to UPMC Mercy for treatment after complaining of head and neck pain.

Pittsburgh police wrote in a criminal complaint that Lt. Vater, 40, was “swaying visibly and reeked of alcohol beverage” and “freely admitted to having drank alcohol on this evening.” A breath test revealed his blood-alcohol content was 0.228, police said. The legal limit to drive in the state is 0.08.

It looks to be another busy Monday at the PFD HQ.

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