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Brain Trauma follow-up

Still not one of us, still recovering

Started following this I-75 motorcycle crash in Ocala, Florida, because the 2002 Suzuki that rocketed into this minivan had an IAFF sticker on the fuel tank.

The helmeted rider was wedged between two people in the second row of seats. The minivan was driving at highway speeds when the motorcycle rammed into the rear.

Star-Banner Photo/NYTRMG, Bruce ACKERMAN

September 24, 2010: Is he one of us?

Working through a Florida forum, corresponded with Robert Kelly’s father-in-law.

Learned that he recently bought the sportbike from a firefighter.

September 28, 2010: FossilMedic Followups: He is NOT one of us

Still in a medically induced coma with severe brain trauma and two broken legs. Married with an infant, the outlook appears uncertain.

December Fundraiser Follow-up

Austin L. Miller (December 4, 2010) Fundraiser helps crash victim’s family: Robert Kelley remains hospitalized after surviving a motorcycle crash that sent him head-first into a minivan.

[The 22 year old father of a 1 year old] broke both of his legs, ruptured his bladder, suffered severe head trauma and had multiple cuts and bruises.

[Mom] said his first speech came five weeks after the accident — in fact, just one day after a therapist had told her that he would never talk again because of injuries to his vocal cords.

“He reads, talks and does math,” she said.

Drake said her son does rehab work three hours a day, seven days a week. His rehab is to rebuild his muscles so that he can walk and talk.

Drake said her son knows he was in an accident, but he doesn’t remember it.

The 22 year old night bouncer has no insurance.

Will probably spend all of 2011 at Shands at the University of Florida in Gainesville

Mike “FossilMedic” Ward

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  • B.Morgan

    It’s good to hear the guy is recoverings and best wishes to him.

    But the lack of insurance bothers me. Us, the tax payers of Florida are paying for his recovery and his poor judgement. But young people make mistakes, as I did at his age. I was lucky, he was not.

    Florida law requires insurance when you register a vehice. But there are some estimates of up to 25% of owners let it lapse or find other ways to get around it.

    We in fact pay for a lot of people who do not have insurance for any number of reasons. Baby flights come in from other countries all the time with the express intent to have babies here in the US and let us foot fthe bill.

    Our insurance requirements need some reform.

  • Dalmatian90

    >Florida law requires insurance when you register a vehice. But there are some estimates of up to
    >25% of owners let it lapse or find other ways to get around it.

    Very few people carry auto insurance adequate to provide for this level of medical treatments. My $300K policy probably would’ve been done in the first week…and the state minimum here in CT is something ridiculous like $10K property, $20K bodily injury. Never mind not enough to cover the value of most cars on the road, I’ve seen a few accidents over the years that the bills from the utilities alone for hitting a telephone pole would’ve wiped out the $10K and kept on going.