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Some Stories on Other Websites That We Recommend

*  The USAR teams from Fairfax and Los Angeles Counties are in Japan now.  They teamed up in California and traveled as one unit.  Dave Statter has put together a group of video reports on these teams’ deployments on STATter911 HERE.

The Fire Critic has a well-organized essay on the attack that’s underway on firefighter’s pensions HERE.

The Happy Medic has a good lesson on how to control and use emotions, both your and the patient’s, HERE.

Wildfire Today has an excellent posting that concentrates on the structural firefighting challenges in Japan while the tsunami rescue problem occupy all the other news outlets.  He includes lots of photos that I hadn’t seen before.  Take a CLICK HERE and see what I mean.

Chicago Area Fire has an interesting picture story about a single-family dwelling fire in Schaumburg that required 12 ground ladders to be brought into service.  (Firegeezer digs ground ladders, you know.)  Check it out HERE.

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