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Montreal Mafia Madness Update

Police Release Surveillance Video

IN THEIR CONTINUING INVESTIGATIONS into the never-ending string of firebombings being practiced by the two feuding crime families in Montreal, Quebec, the police released a videotape from a surveillance camera this week.  The Montreal Gazette tells us:

Montreal police have released a video showing arsonists setting fire to Café Danesi in Riviere des Prairies on Nov. 22. The incident was the second arson at the cafe that month.

Two masked suspects can be seen in the video arriving in a white van about 4:30 a.m. at Cafe Danesi on Maurice Duplessis St. near 5th Ave. and then breaking the window and pouring fuel from a container before lighting a fire. Police noted that the same cafe had been the target of arsonists a few weeks earlier, on Nov. 9.

Police did arrest one suspect, Dave St. Michel, on Nov. 23. He was driving the same vehicle identified in the video and was apprehended in St. Jerome, police said. He was charged with several crimes, including arson.

The police are asking the public's help in identifying the other suspect seen in the video:


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