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UPDATED Six shot 2 am Sunday. All 17 staffed Detroit ambulances on other calls. Five ambulances unstaffed. Police transport.

WDIV Channel 4 got the "no ambulance available" aspect of this story.

6 Shot In Detroit, No Ambulances Available Victims Drove To Police Precinct

Six teenagers in a sedan were fired upon. WDIV states that when the victims called 911, were told no ambulances were available.

Clip 1

Shooting victims get to 12th Precinct Station (formerly Western District).

Police call for EMS, still no units available. Transports made by police cruiser.  One of the six has died.

Wisam R. Zeineh, President of the Detroit Emergency Medical Services Association, is interviewed by Channel 4.

Clip 2

Zeineh points out that all 17 staffed ambulances were on other incidents Sunday morning.

States that the city is authorized to staff 22 ALS units, but five units were unstaffed.

Not sure how many of the 17 staffed ambulances were downgraded to EMT ambulances.

Also note the repositioning of the single-role ems providers group from labor to advocacy group.

UPDATED: Fox 5 video

No Ambulance Available for Shooting Victims 1 dead, 5 injured; no arrests

Wonder why there was no fire company first responder assistance sent to the police station? The fire department staffs six squad companies that have made critical transports in earlier incidents. (see John's response)

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