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Factory Owner Charged in Fire Deaths of Employees

Footwear Factory Never Obtained the Required Fire Safety Certificate

THE OWNER AND THE MANAGER of the Pinky Porsh slipper factory in Peeragarhi, India, were arrested Friday following a fire in their factory that killed 10 employees on Thursday.  They were charged with "causing death due to negligence" after it was discovered that in its 15 years of operation, the firm never obtained the necessary permit to operate.

The Times of India quotes fire officials:

"The factory had never sought an NOC (fire safety certificate). The entire building was stacked with cartons and slippers that blocked the exits. There were serious flouting of fire safety norms by the factory owners and they should have not blocked all the windows and doors. There was no way for the labourers to escape and the lone staircase at the back was filled with smoke. The iron grilles on top of the wall made it impossible for them to jump to the terraces of the nearby buildings. Our firefighters had a tough time as a result," said a senior fire officer.

The ten employees were burned alive while they were trapped in the workroom.  The lone exit was blocked and all the windows were sealed with iron bars to prevent employee stealing.

Twenty-six fire engines were sent to work the blaze in the 3-story building, but the firefighters were unable to get inside because of all the blocked doors and windows.  The FD was on the scene for 20 hours effecting the extinguishment.

NDTV provided this video report from the scene:


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