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Spectacular Blaze at German Bitumen Plant

Tank Explosion Ignites Warehouse

A SPECTACULAR FIRE IN AN INSULATION PANEL FACTORY WAREHOUSE in Philippsburg, Germany, Thursday night destroyed the building and over a million euro's worth of stock. 

All photos via KA-News

The bitumen is a base petroleum product that is thick like molasses and used by this factory in making insulation panels.  It is believed that an outside tank containing 60 tonnes of a volatile liquid first blew up and then started the fire inside the building.

More than 300 firefighters responded to the massive blaze just before 7 pm Thursday and had it knocked down in three hours.  However, several units remained and worked through Friday afternoon putting it completely out. 

This video taken early in the job shows what the first units were faced with when they arrived:


The fire had spread into another building that housed production equipment, but it was extinguished before it got very far.  The operation was concluded after 20 hours.

This extensive raw video shows much of the operation:


Philippsburg Fire Brigade WEBSITE.

Hat tip:  Christian L.

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