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Was This Bin Laden’s Final Attack?

Terrorist to the end, or just a trick of the eye?

NEARLY TWO WEEKS AGO ON MAY 5 Firegeezer reported HERE on the downtown fire in Manilla, Iowa, that claimed three buildings including the town's fire station.  You may recall that a couple of firefighters first spotted the fire in the building next door to the firehouse and, after reporting the fire, they were able to drive all the trucks out of the station to safety, but the FD lost all their running gear, hose, and other equipment.

KETV image

Our report contained a video and photographs that were taken after the fire was out, showing the rubble remaining at the fire scene.  Later, a citizen who had taken a photograph (from what appears to be a cellphone camera) of the fire while it was in full force but before the building collapsed sent the pic to the FD.  The building in the center is the one that completely burned down and spread to the two buildings on each side including the firehouse which is just to the right.

Manilla Fire Chief Bob Macumber sent us the photo with the information that the radiant heat from the fire is what penetrated the firehouse and ignited the beadboard insulation on the inside, which led to the loss of the station.  He also points out that a lot of people think they see the image of Osama bin Laden in the dancing flames over the fire building.  The fire occurred just three days after his death, but we know that the force of evil can be strong.

What do you think?  Was this the monster's last act, or is it just a trick of the eye?  We will never really know for sure, will we?

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