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Weekend Caption Contest

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BEING DISPATCHED to "Assist on a Medical Emergency" can lead to any number of situations.  Unfortunately, we don't know for sure what this one is.  As so often happens these days, this photo slipped through without its supplied caption.  So use your imagination and tell us what you think the  proper caption for this action photo should be. 

Like always, post it in the Comments so that we can all share your suggestions.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Jay911

    When they said they couldn’t get the ambulance to turn over, this is not what I had in mind…. 

  • Anonymous

    I TOLD Sarge he was spendin too much time at D-n-d, but would he listen? Nooooooooooooo, of COURSE not…. 

  • Anonymous

     When you put the vehicle in two wheel drive mode, it is intended ot  be powered by the two rear wheels, not the left side!

  • nick

    If we get this thing back on it’s wheels, we don’t know what happened.  We went into get the patient and it was like this when we came back out, and that’s the story, OK? 

  • Defeiring

    I wish the chief would lose some weight! 

  • Steve Marshall

    Hey Chief! We found your cellphone! It was under this rig where u dropped it! 

  • Fbcar3

    There has to be an easier way to get a patient down from the roof!