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Are They Still Making These Guys?

If So, Tell Us Where to Find Them

WHEN CAPTAIN COCHRANE strolled through the engine bay in Fairfax County the other day, it was the last day of the tour and 4 pm.  Not surprisingly the engine driver, Technician Bob found something that could be a little better and was working on it even though he didn't have to.

He finished up at 10 pm.  Do you know anybody like that?  Tell us about 'em.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Chuck Jacobi

    Bob was the best driver I could have ever hoped for, probably the best Fairfax has ever seen, in addition to being a close personal friend.  He was my wheel man for over 10 years and never let me down, never failed to solve a sudden problem and kept the rig so clean you could literally eat off it.  We had some great times together. Love ya bro.  Chuck Jacobi, retired Captain, FXCO

  • Brad

    I echo Chuck’s sentiments.  Ask anyone that’s been around for a minute in the department & Bob will always lead the very short list of the best drivers.  I’m not sure you can teach what he’s got.  Pride in the equipment and knowledge of the equipment that’s second to none. I’m quite sure this same picture could have been taken on any workday in the last 25 years.  Just ask Firegeezer himself, he knows!  Brad C.

  • Anonymous

    My EO could be this guy’s brother. I frequently have to tell him to go upstairs and sit down so the rookies get some experience cleaning stuff. He makes it easy; all I have to do when he’s with me is sit there and ride.


    Put an apparatus operator like this with an officer who takes advantage of every ride home to point out unusual building features or who spurs discussion with the crewdogs about features of their response area and you end up with a world-beater crew who can really be counted on.