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Friday’s Missing Caption

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THIS PHOTO SLIPPED THROUGH FROM AP without its caption this week, so I can only speculate on what's going on here:

It's a lonely time when you're running a 1-man engine company.  It takes a while to get set up:

  • Position the pumper…
  • Stretch the line…
  • Go back and put the pump in gear…
  • Return to the nozzle…
  • Go back because you forgot your SCBA…
  • (you need to take it from here:)

Post your caption completeion in the Comments, like always.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • chief 1

    “I know I saw a pay phone on the way in, what was the chief’s number????”

  • Anonymous

    Outta my way.. I gotta pee!

  • Anonymous

    And all this for a dollar store!

  • Defeiring

    This is the new-age firefighter entrance test!