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The Internet is my Religion

Something worth 12 minutes of your time

In darkened rooms, staring into bright screens, we may fantasize about making a difference as we blog away.

Jim Gilliam's presentation at the Personal Democracy Forum 2011 puts that fantasy into a real-life example.

The Internet is My Religion

TechPresident provides a summation:

Religion at a conference about technology in politics?

A personal life story on the same stage that saw heady talk about statecraft and Internet infrastructure?

A guy staring out at rows of faces tilted downwards at laptops, not up at him — at least at first — and explaining that he can feel Christ in the wi-fi?

Unexpected. Transgressive. Radical, because it was painfully sincere.


Jim Gilliam website

NationBuilder (Internet tools to shake up a broken political system


Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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  • ukfbbuff

     Great Testimony! The tying of both Religion and the use of the Internet to help him through his Medical Problems.

     After just short of four years of Blogging (I started at the former Firefighter Hourly site) the only “change” I would hope to affect is to provide  resource information to those who need it through the discussion topic or points that I comment on.