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Citizens Rescue Flaming Biker

Caused By a Combination of Bad Moves and Poor Judgement

A PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, MOTORCYCLIST has a handful of Good Samaritans to thank for saving his life Thursday afternoon.  The careless biker was sailing down a city street at a high rate of speed when another thoughtless driver in an automobile chose that moment to make an illegal U-turn and their paths met.

The biker has already gone into a survival skid in
an attempt to avoid the impending collision  (WPVI-TV)

The collision demolished the motorcycle that ended up on the rider pinning him to the pavement as the spilled gasoline ignited and engulfed both the bike and the biker. Immediately several people on the sidewalk and in neighboring businesses rushed out with three of them dragging the victim to safety while two others had grabbed fire extinguishers and put his flaming clothing out before attacking the burning bike. 

 Bystanders rush to the man's rescue, dragging
him away from the burning wreck and
extinguishing his clothes.  (WPVI-TV)

It was a great bit of selfless lifesaving and it was all caught by a nearby surveillance camera.  That video is included in this report filed by WPVI-TV Ch. 6:


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