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Linesman Makes Daring Fire Rescue

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AN ELECTRIC CO. LINESMAN WAS working off of a bucket Tuesday in Somerville, Massachusetts, when a hydraulic line burst and started a fire in the bucket.  With the truck's motor running and causing the hydraulic pump to keep feeding the flames, the entire bucket and the nearby transformer were quickly becoming fully involved.  The linesman desperately leaped from the burning platform and grabbed the power lines, hanging on for dear life.  (Note:  One of our readers points out that is probably a cable tv line he is grasping….ed.)

Wicked Local / Metzger

Fortunately for him, another truck was working nearby and that linesman drove immediately to the scene and started up his platform to rescue the trapped co-worker.  As he got close, his own truck started catching on fire from the first one and the stranded worker swung out and dropped into the rescue bucket.  Adding to the risk, flaming debris dropped onto a car directly underneath the men and it began burning as well, creating still another hot spot to get out of.

As they were lowering down to the ground level, the second truck was burning so fiercely that they both had to dive onto the truck's cab before it reached the  ground.

A neighbor who heard the initial noise from the fire grabbed his videocam and recorded the entire event. 

Update:  For whatever reason, Wicked Local has removed the videos and withdrawn permission to post them.  You can still view the news report from WCVB-TV that includes part of it HERE.

The entire video can be viewed on Wicked Local's website HERE.

Both power company trucks and the affected car were all total losses.

The Somerville News has the story and more photos HERE.
Wicked Local has MORE.

Hat tip:  Frank Lee

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