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Ambulance vs. Dump Truck – 1 Dead, 4 Injured

Failure to Yield

A DADE COUNTY, MISSOURI, AMBULANCE COLLIDED head-on with a dump truck on a 2-lane country highway in Polk County, Missouri, Friday afternoon shortly before 2 pm Central.

Herald-Free Press photo

The Bolivar Herald-Free Press describes what happened:

Four people were reported on board the Cox Medical Center—Dade County Unit ambulance. One was a male patient, who died at the scene, according to Polk County Coroner Roy Harms. The patient had been picked up in Greenfield and was being transported to Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar.

The wreck apparently happened when some number of westbound vehicles on Mo. 32 slowed as the eastbound ambulance approached them. The westbound dump truck skidded and fishtailed out of control behind the other westbound vehicles and then collided with the ambulance. The truck came to rest facing east.

Springfield News-Leader

Four air ambulances were called to the scene to transport the injured victims.

No further information has been given out yet.  The investigation is just beginning.

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