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Friday’s Missing Caption

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WE ALL KNOW THAT THE ROOKIE always gets the worst housework assignments, but in this department they're really brutal about it.  Unfortunately, when the AP sent this photo out, the caption went off in a different direction.  So we're not certain about what this probie's assignment is today, but if he had a paddle instead of a shovel we might have a better idea.

If you have an idea of what he's doing here, please post it in the Comments so that we can hopefully find out.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Dave Statter

    What? And give up show business?

  • Hallway Sledge

    I knew being the probie would suck but this is ridiculous!

  • Csrafirefighter

    Boy they weren’t kidding when the said it runs downhill.

  • Jared Alexander

    I don’t know how the Chief expects me to find his missing contact lens in this mess….


    He will NEVER use the Chief’s coffee mug again!!

  • Rmkemp

    I just know the drain plug is here somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!