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Cremation Is Not For Amateurs

Poor Thor Refused To Leave Gracefully

Update July 20:  Video added, scroll down.

A DALE CITY, VIRGINIA, MAN WAS CITED for illegal outside burning when he tried to cremate his dead dog on the outside patio last Wednesday.  While he was unsuccessful in consuming the dog, he was successful in generating $70,000 in fire damage to his house.

News & Messenger / Pierce

When Charles Harris' 11-yr.-old Rottweiler named Thor died a few days earlier, Harris was unable to pick up the large animal and tried to get a shelter to come pick it up, but they were all closed on the weekend.  So he tried some veterinarians and they all said that they could dispose of Thor, but only if Harris brought him in.

Running low on options, Harris piled a bunch of wood around Thor's carcass, poured some gasoline over it all for good measure, and lit it off.  When the Prince William County Fire & Rescue units arrived on the scene, they found flames covering the back of the house from the ground to the roof.  When it was all over, the animal shelter came out anyway and carted the charred dog's remains away.

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Update July 20:
The Associated Press filed this video report:


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