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Fiery Bus Crash in New York

One Dead and 30 Injured

A TOUR BUS TRAVELING FROM HAMILTON, ONTARIO, collided with a tractor-trailer on the New York State Thruway early Friday morning and caught fire.  The truck driver perished in the crash and about 30 of the 50 bus passengers were injured, two of them critically.


The State Police say that the bus had a mechanical problem and had pulled onto the shoulder for a brief time.  When the bus driver pulled back onto the Thruway shortly after 1:30 am this morning, the bus was rear-ended by the truck and then both vehicles caught fire.  The accident happened about midway between Syracuse and Rochester near Waterloo.

A soldier stationed at Fort Drum was passing by at the time and is being credited with helping in getting a number of passengers off of the bus.  A total of 17 people were taken to the hospital and 13 more were treated at the scene.  Both the truck and the bus were destroyed by the fire.


Investigation is just beginning and no further information is yet available.

WHAM-TV has the early STORY.

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