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Another Missing Caption

ANOTHER PHOTO CAME OFF THE AP WIRE while its caption went elsewhere.  We all like fire action photos, but this fire seems to be lacking any action.  I'm not sure why things came to a halt, whether that was as far as the line would stretch, or if these firefighters haven't seen anything like this before.

So it's up to you to help us figure out what is happening here.  What is going through these guys' minds right now?  Leave your suggestions in the Comments so that everyone can learn the answer.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Jmpatterson158

    If we’re both safety, who’s fighting the fire?


    Guys like us make up 75% of the Fire Service in the US!!!! But,Shhhh!!! Don’t let them know we only protect around 25% of the Nation’s population.

  • nick

    That’s the last time I put 2 Juniors on the knob!

  • ukfbbuff

    We Better Put Water on this Fire Before It Burns Itself Out.

  • Flash

    OK, Jason.  Today’s class is fire behavior.

  • Rmkemp

    Hey Chief, this has been burning for 21 days, we’re out of water, can we go home now???