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Second Night of Organized Rioting in London

Police Admit They Were Unprepared For Saturday's Assault

The Telegraph

LONDON POLICE IN GREAT BRITAIN admitted that they had not prepared for the outrageous rioting and arson spree on Saturday night.  (See yesterday's Firegeezer report HERE.)  On Sunday night they were better prepared when several hundred criminals organized and orchestrated a second night of destruction, looting and arson in several locations around the city.  Much of it was in the Enfield and Brixton areas, but all four quadrants of the city were attacked.

Their dispersed areas of attack spread the police resources and led to the unseemly appearance of the police mostly standing by and watching the anarchy.  Of particular concern was that many of the activities were direct attacks on police officers and their vehicles.  More than two dozen police were injured, one of them seriously when he was struck in the face with a brick.

Daily Mail

The theme for the anarchy was "justice" for the career criminal who was shot by police earlier in the week after he had pulled a gun and shot at officers on Thursday night.  However there is evidence that these events are being planned by people with criminal intent who are leading others to escalate the violence.

The Telegraph

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