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First Arriving Network

Morning Lineup – August 14

Sunday Morning – Tweet, Tweet

I am nowhere near to being all that knowledgable about Twitter.  I have observed and used it in the past couple of years and written a few postings about the various ways it can be utilized, especially by fire and EMS agencies.  It is also being used widely by commercial enterprises to get their messages out to potential customers and regular buyers of their product.  That's fine, I can understand using Twitter that way.  It fits right in with their design.

But wouldn't you know it?  The spammers have figured an angle on it, too.  This is where I am glad that I don't have to follow Tweeters who follow me, like you have to do in Facebook, because I would have to bail out of Twitter after this latest round of "new followers."  Somebody has sold a bill of goods to the merchants or Chamber of Commerce in Asheville, North Carolina, apparently because there is a spambot that searches the web for headlines with the word Asheville in them and automatically signs up their patrons to the poster's Twitter account so that they can pitch their wares to the unwary.

In the last couple of weeks I have had such headlines due to the tragic LODD in their fire department and my postings have brought a pile of new followers from an unusual variety of business, none of whom I am sure are waking up in the morning anxious to see what Firegeezer has posted lately.  And I am certainly not planning on spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon reading up on the activities and offerings of entities that will enrich my life with news from 500 miles away telling me things like:

  •  Burlesque and Sideshow Festival in Asheville…
  • Boutique Bar & Kitchen. Exquisite Martinis, Hand-picked Wines, Locally-roasted Organic Coffee, Small Plates…
  • International Children's Film Festival. Independent films from all over the world.
  • Custom Closet Design, Murphy Beds and office organization in and around Asheville…
  • Life, love, people, madness & insanity in and around Asheville.
  • I'm a Professional Detail Technician. I've been detailing luxury cars and yachts for 6 years.
  • We serve hand made NY Style Pizza, generously loaded with fresh ingredients and then baked in Brick Ovens.
  • Hello, I specialize in wedding and event photography in Asheville,
  • Asheville House Cleaning & Maid.

And so it goes.  If I decide to have my luxury car detailed while I'm eating a pizza and waiting for the wedding to start, then I know just where to get it all taken care of.  I have to admit that I'm a little curious about the office organizer that sells Murphy beds.  Now when does that burlesque festival begin again?

We'd better begin our equipment check festival now, though.  I definitely want to have more coffee ready before the film festival begins.  See you back in the day room later.

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