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Morning Lineup – August 19

Friday Morning – Time to Re-Boot

Digital Tech Week continues with yesterday's blockbuster news that Hewlett-Packard is planning on exiting the home computer business.  Their PC's are far and away the largest-selling PC brand in the world and have been the leader for many years now.  But looking ahead and trying to project the company's future business outlook, the new CEO of  H-P Leon Apotheker believes their best bet is to go with software for business systems and related projects.

While their P-C sales are still doing well, the overall future of the desktop is bleak with  more and more sales drifting over to the tablet-style units and even the laptops' predictions don't show any growth.  Even now, the PC's profits are so low that they are believed to be planning on spinning the division off into a separate entity very soon.  The PC division accounts for one-third of their income, but only brings in 6% of their profits.  H-P's late entry into the cellphone and tablet market was a bust, primarily because of their delayed marketing, but also because they didn't have anything different to draw sales to them instead of Apple's iPad and iPhone. 

Hewlett-Packard, which was founded in 1939, never did want to get into the computer business but decided it would help bolster their primary mission of developing business services.  They were thrust to the top of the PC heap in 2002 when they acquired Compaq.  You can read more about this surprise move by H-P HERE, HERE, and HERE.

What I am wondering about now is, what is the future of home computing?  What will I be using for my extensive use of personal computing that not only includes my work on this website, but my interest in digital photography and imaging?  I don't see where the tablets have the ability to provide the power and flexibility to carry on the "heavy duty" needs of the desktop.  Maybe they will in a couple of years, and that would be nice.  Just think of all the space that would open up without the need for the dedicated computer desk shoved against the wall.

Let's get dedicated to checking out the equipment now.  I need to get some more coffee going, pronto.  See you back in the day room and then we'll mull over the future of home computing.

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