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Smoke Detector Saves Classic Corvette

Homeowner Installed Smoke Detector in Home Remodeling Project

A BEND, OREGON, MAN DID EVERYTHING RIGHT Friday night when his classic restored 1956 Corvette started burning.  Not only did he recently install a smoke detector in his garage, but he was at home when a fire started in the engine compartment.  Continuing the proper drill, his wife ran to call 9-1-1 while he grabbed a fire extinguisher and attacked the fire under the hood of the car that was parked in the garage.

Horizon Broadcast Group photo

The Bend Fire Department was on the scene within moments and finished off the blaze before pulling the car out onto the driveway to keep it and the house safe.  KTVZ-TV filed this video report that has some good views of the classic car that is valued at $60,000:


The owner estimates the loss at $25,000 to the car which is fully insured.  The house suffered a minor case of smoke-smell.

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