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40K Bottles of Beer On the Road, 40K Bottles of Beer……

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A 53-ft. TRACTOR TRAILER ROLLED ONTO IT SIDE Monday morning in Sacramento, California, tumbling its load of 35,000 lbs of bottled beer, namely Bud Light Lime. While most of the 40,000 cans and bottles seemed to have survived the rapid relocation of their packages, quite a few of them broke and provided a steady stream of beer washing down the exit ramp.


The truck had just exited Interstate 80 and was turning left off the ramp when the driver lost control and rolled it. With that large and heavy a load, it was not possible to pull it back upright with tow trucks due to the probablilty of the trailer walls not being able to contain the weight. So first a pair of flatbeds and a busfull of laborers were brought over to offload the beer cases first.

Channel 13 News covered it in this video report:


KCRA-TV has more plus a photo gallery HERE.

Firegeezer notes:  Bud Light Lime?  Bud Light Lime?  It wasn't driver error that caused that wreck, it was the invisible hand of Bacchus himself reaching down from the heavens and knocking that load of swill over.

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