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NYC Scaffold Collapses Onto Transit Bus

Bus Served as Shelter From Collapse

ABOUT 17 PEOPLE WERE SLIGHTLY INJURED Tuesday morning in Harlem, New York City, when a construction scaffold suddenly collapsed onto a bus next to the sidewalk.

New York Post

The btus was at a stop and the waiting passengers had just boarded when the structure came down, missing the near-victims by just moments.  The scaffolding was covering a 5-story building on West 125th Street during a major renovation.  The New York Times reports:

A police spokesman at the scene said that eight of the injured people were passengers on the bus and that two police officers sustained minor injuries. He said it appeared from preliminary accounts that during work on the elevator shaft in building, bricks fell from building onto the scaffolding, knocking it down.

At the scene of the accident, a busy commercial strip lined with clothing stores and other retail stores, firefighters swarmed the bus and the collapsed scaffolding.

New York Times

The scaffold along with part of the building's facade came down without warning at 9:30 am, trapping the bus's 30 passengers.  Fourteen of them were transported, all with minor injuries, along with two police officers who were already at the location and had immediately started to dig through the rubble.  There are also reports that as many as four of the injuries were construction workers.

WABC-TV posted this video report:


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Google Street View of the 4- and 5-story building
that is being renovated.

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