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Train vs. Car in Germany – 50 Injured

Car Rear-Ended Onto Tracks

A REGIONAL TRAIN IN LAUTERBACH, GERMANY, collided with an auto on the tracks Tuesday causing 3 of the train's 4 cars to derail with one of them tumbling into a meadow.


The incident was triggered when a car was stopped at the crossing waiting for the train to pass and a van rear-ended the car, knocking it onto the right-of-way.  The driver of the car had just enough time to bail out and get away from the car before the train plowed into it.

Sky News

Nine people on the train were seriously injured and were transported by helicopter.  Another 40 passengers were treated for minor injuries.  There were about 70 passengers on the train when it crashed.

Sky News

RT has posted some raw video from the scene:


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