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Record-Setting Geezer Set to Retire

"The Good Ol' Days Are Now…"

IRVING, TEXAS, FIRE CAPTAIN Billy Gene "Shakey" Holder will be running his last call this Saturday when he retires after serving the FD for 55 years.  That's right, five-five years.  Captain Holder is 77 years old and a local legend as what is believed to be the oldest front-line, active firefighter in the country.

Capt. Holder

He came to work in the Irving FD on December 1, 1955 and has served proudly ever since.  Today he still passes the stringent annual physical testing that all Irving firefighters are required to take.

Back in February of this year, KDFW-TV ran this video interview with "Shakey" and he explains how he got his nickname:


Firefighter of 55 Years Still Going Strong:

Saturday evening the department will be holding a big retirement celebration that will include a ceremonial "last call" from dispatch.

Read KFDW-TV report HERE.
Irving Fire Department WEBSITE.

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  • firehat

    The Houston Fire Department had a senior captain (that’s the rank, senior captain, not a captain who is simply senior) retire after 55 years a few years ago. He’d been off the line since the early 1980s, though.

  • Polly M.

    Shakey is a man of honor and integrity. He is the role-model so many youngsters need. His work ethic is unmatched and to be envied. 

    Thank you Capt. Holder for all of your years of service. 

  • Key2222

    For all of you firefighters I am telling you he is the real deal.  Captain Holder would not consider being assigned to a Truck Company or even going to a slower station, he was an Engine Company Officer to the core.  Good luck Captain Holder.