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Morning Lineup – September 29

Thursday Morning – What Will You Download Today?

Whoa!!  Amazon stunned everybody yesterday when they announced that their new tablet, Kindle Fire will be selling for even less than was being speculated.  It is coming on the market November 15 priced at $199.  Yeah, I know that's 200 bucks.  But it knocks the pins out from Apple's iPad that sells for $400 with some models costing up to $800.  And price is going to be a BIG consideration this year, you can bet on that.

One thing that is going push the price advantage is that these "tablets" are completely unneeded.  They are toys and amusements, but serve no vital purpose other than something to play with, when you get right down to it.  Molly Wood at CNet writes:

At $199, virtually any mainstream consumer is going to stand next to these two devices, look at them side-by-side, and make a price-conscious decision–and that decision is easier than you might think, as tablet usage starts to sort itself out. Sure, the Kindle Fire lacks a camera for video chat and movie-making. So what? Hardly anyone is doing that with their tablets anyway. No GPS? That's what your phone is for. No Bluetooth? Shrug. It's one hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

She also points out that tablet users are mainly streaming videos, reading emails, using them to read ebooks, and some casual gaming.  So why worry aout that other stuff.  The Verge has produced this handy comparison chart for the Fire, iPad, and B&N's Nook:

Personally, I think that what the Kindle Fire will do is open up the market for the people who just want to play with the gadget but are reluctant to lay out the price of a laptop to do it.  And it's only $50 more than a regular Kindle that does not offer color screen images.  (I'll bet that changes after the first of the year.)  Amazon also has a huge advantage in book and music offerings, and they are aggressively building their movie portfolio.

I'm not ready to get a tablet yet, but I sure am being teased to try one.  Maybe later.

Ok, back to business here.  So let's get started with the equipment check while I make some more coffee.  Yeah…. more coffee!  See you back in the day room.

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