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A tempting big round rear

The coupe get plastic surgery

Accord coupe rear ends are big … and attractive. For the second time someone was compelled to kiss the rear bumper of my mid-life "crisis" car.

Not as exciting as the first one in 2009: Examining a Reputation Backpack, (right photo – car at the front of the line) the 2011 bump did more damage.







The latest collision occured while I was leaving the city on the way to the latest adventure in geriatric care. Not great timing!

It was during the "unspecified but credible" terror alert for Washington DC and New York City just before September 11th. After 25 minutes I decided a police report was not needed and left the scene.

Things keep hitting me

My last vehicle was a bright blue SUV that attracted two deer.

When the Saturn still smelled new it was involved in a Christmas Eve deer-vehicle crash (DVC) at 60+ miles an hour in southwest Virginia. A lasting reminder of the incident was when water would drip on my shoulder during heavy downpours. Never did get the door "plumb."

About a year later, in a rainstorm, a deer hits the left front corner as I was leaving the community college.  Much lower speed, the deer runs away. I have to go to a car wash to get all of the deer fuzz off the car.

I planned to buy another small SUV or diesel sedan. When I saw the silver coupe, 6-speed manual transmission, V-6, leather, advanced electronics … could not resist … it was similar to the "poor man's BMW" I bought in 1978.

It looks like all the other cars

Sandy pointed out that the coupe looked like all the other silver and grey blobs on the road.

Sleepily standing in the dimly-lit Parking Garage A at Reagan National Airport at 1 am, I realize she is correct.  All I see are round blobs in various shades of bland.

Maybe I need to get the rear wrapped in NFPA 1901 (2009) Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus compliant reflective chevrons.

How about deer whistles on the front bumper.

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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