First Arriving Network
First Arriving Network

Thanks IAFF Local 2068

Appreciate the Support!

In order to be considered for an IAFF Media Award you have to be nominated by a local.

Thanks to Fairfax County Professional Firefighters and Paramedics leadership: President John Niemic, Vice President Will Bailey, Secretary/Treasurer Danny Gray, Communications Director Joel Kobersteen and members of the Executive Board: Leigh Boswell, Brad Cochrane, Kyle Anderson, Colin Flanagan, Tom Simcoe, Rich Merrill, Tim Young, Dean Cox, Gary Dize, Yolanda Hartwell and Matt Lopez.

Without the support of IAFF Local 2068, we would not have been considered.  Bill and I are proud active retired members of the local.

Rubbing shoulders with excellence

When Bill called and said that we were runner-up to I was not sad. Brian Humphrey has created the gold standard for fire service social media, with very few resources.

From a November 28, 2008 item: The Next Attack Will Be Digital and Realtime

Maybe we need to add a position of internet intelligence officer (IIO) within the staffing of those command and control rigs that were purchased in the past seven years. I think the cable companies can bundle broadband with the televison and land-line hook-ups for the command post.

Firefighter Brian Humphrey would be the person I would ask to set the position up, this article outlines his success as a “One Man Geek Squad” in his role as an LAFD public information officer

Congratulations to Brian and Erik Scott for getting the first IAFF Media Award for Best Blog. Check out LAFD News & Information to see the best example of a constantly improving blog.

When writing the Chief Officer: Principles and Practice textbook, one of the recommended activities I listed was to visit the LAFD website and consider how you could incorporate a similar program.

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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