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Mission Hill 5 alarm three-decker fire as tweeted by Boston Fire

Updates and pictures from @BostonFire

Response at 12:45am to Calumet St. in Mission Hill for a building fire.

Engine 37 reports fire showing and orders a 2nd alarm.

37-39 Calumet St. in Mission Hill. Now a 5th alarm. Large 3 story wood frame duplex. Heavy fire in rear.

Fire now extended to 41 Calumet.

Fire still out of control. Now through front of building. Ladder pipes and decks guns operating.

Tower Ladder 17 operating now

Right now at 2:24 am

About 130 firefighters, lots of medics & police on scene. Many deck guns operating. 6 in the front of building.

Front on building. 3 of 6 guns on Calumet St. Many more in rear.

Through the roof

The Chief of Department, Ron Keating, is the Incident Commander of the fire. He will be retiring on Monday after 41 + years.

Still going 3 hours plus into it.

37-39 Calumet St. Boston 5 alarms.

Rotating crews in Tower Ladder 17.

Fire now contained to original building. Chasing hot spots. Division 2 Deputy Chief now Incident Commander.

Right now at 4:22 am:

In the first few minutes of the fire, Ladder 4 had a report of a person trapped on floor 2. They kicked in a door and found a woman.

She was transported for smoke inhalation by EMS.

Incident Commander starting to bring in fresh firefighters to continue fighting the fire. 3 ladder trucks and 1 tower ladder coming.

Our helmets off again to the Boston Sparks members for hot chocolate, cookies & coffee. They continue to be true friends.

Snow is really picking up at 5:08 am. Firefighters will be here through the morning.

No idea on how many displaced. At least 9 apartments involved. Red Cross is on scene helping a lot of people.

Chief is giving a damage estimate of $1,200,000.00 for 37-39 Calumet, 41 Calumet St. & 35 Calumet St.

Several homes on Wait St. also had large amounts of water in their basements.

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Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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