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Anonymous backs off

Real danger when blogging about the drug war

Robert Lemos, writing in InfoWorld on November 1, updates the status of the Anonymous threat against Los Zetas:

When the Anonymous movement has a bad day, supporters get arrested. When the Zeta drug cartel has a bad day, nearly three dozen of its members are killed and dumped on a Mexican highway. 

Anonymous threatens, then cancels, attack on drug ring

Los Zetas hung two and decapitated one blogger in September. 

Blogger "La Nena de Laredo" was 39 year old María Elizabeth Macías, the editor of Primera Hora, a daily based in Nuevo Laredo. Her decapitated body was discovered September 24. A poster was left with the body:

OK Nuevo Laredo en Vivo and social media sites. I am Nena de Laredo and I'm here because of my (online) reports and yours…..

For those who don't believe this happened to me because of my actions, for trusting in the Army and Marines…

Thank you for your attention,

La Nena de Laredo


Reporters Without Borders for Press Freedom reported on September 26 that Macias was the fourth female reporter killed in Mexico in 2011.

Since 2000, 74 journalists have been killed.

In the past twelve months 19 mayors and over 50 police officers have been killed.

Woman newspaper editor beheaded in Nuevo Laredo, young reporter missing in Veracruz

Two hanging from a bridge

Robert Beckhusen, writing in the Danger Room, filed this report September 15:

It’s no secret Mexico is one of the world’s most dangerous places for working journalists. However, you’d think commenters on web forums and blogs would be treated differently — exempt, perhaps, from retaliation for speaking openly about the country’s deadly drug war.

You’d be wrong.

On Tuesday morning in the sprawling northern industrial metro of Nuevo Laredo, just across the Texas border, the bodies of two residents were found strung by their arms and legs from a pedestrian overpass. The appearance of the man and woman, both in their twenties, revealed signs of torture. The woman was disemboweled.

“This will happen to all the internet snitches (Frontera al Rojo Vivo, Blog Del Narco, or Denuncia Ciudadano),” read one banner accompanying the scene. Then a message. “Be warned, we’ve got our eye on you. Signed, Z.”

Mexican Cartels Hang, Disembowel ‘Internet Snitches’

Lemos, from InfoWorld, concluded with this item:

 Worried about the impact on both misidentified people and Anonymous followers, other supporters of the Anonymous movement worked to dismantle the operation over the weekend. In effect, the group canceled the attack, according to online news site Milenio."

Milenio appears to have posted a tweet time-line documenting this development: Anonymous cancela operación contra cártel mexicano

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