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Firetruck Crash in New Jersey Injures 5 FF’s

Narrow Road, Wet Road

A BURLINGTON COUNTY, NEW JERSEY, fire engine from the Lumberton Vol. Fire Company went off the road Wednesday night and wrecked, injuring five firefighters that were in the cab.

The truck was returning from a call around 7:30 pm and traveling along a narrow road in wet weather when it met an oncoming car.  As the engine driver eased over to pass the car, he went off the pavement and into a ditch while shearing the roof off of the pumper from tree limbs.

Pictured is Lumberton Engine 1311.  It has not been
confirmed if this unit, a 2004 KME, is the truck that
was in the accident.  (Lumberton FD website image)

The five FF's on board were all transported, but were soon released from medical care with only minor injuries.

The car that they passed continued on, but police say that the driver of the car is not considered to be at fault and they are not looking for him.

The Burlington County Times has the early REPORT.
Lumberton Fire Company No. 1 WEBSITE.

Hat tip:  Carmine S.

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  • Billy

    Im Sorry but thats PRETTY F****D up that the person in the car continued to keep going without stopping. Unless yall has a glass roof on this truck,Id almost bet the driver of the car heard the roof being sheered off the Engine. Im just glad that all the firefighters will be ok. But it also raisesthe question. Should the Federal or state road commissioners make stansard that require a minimum width of at least 16 fee from the center line??

    • Billy

      Sorry..Theres a few typos there but yall get what Im trying to say

  • Bill S.

    How can you be sure the driver of the car heard anything or even realized what happened? Car manufacturers today pride themselves on having quiet vehicles. And maybe he or she was trying to keep control of their vehicle too. I’m just saying that’s all. Oh and maybe the engine was going a bit too fast. I mean to have the roof sheared off? There was definitely some speed involved. No blame cause obviously I don’t have the facts… just saying. BUT I am glad nobody was seriously hurt.

  • scott

    That road is narrow with a soft shoulder, full of potholes.  I could see where that accident was waiting to happen. The truck really should not have been using that road however.  Should have gone back through Mt. Holly.