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Wind Turbine Update

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"How can a wind tower blow over if the wind's not blowing?"


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This installment is part of an occasional series on wind turbine features.  CLICK HERE to see previous postings.

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  • Imissthebackstep

    So what would you rather have? A shadow flicker or a shadow from the steam plume from a nuclear reactor or the pollution spueing from the smoke stack of a gas generating plant? Your choice!

  • Hecksr

    The purpose of this article with pictures, is to show what can go wrong with windmills since we are the Fire Dept. that would have to deal with any problems (fire, collapse, etc.).

    Zoning regulations can help prevent homes or other structures from being built next (setback requirements) to a windmill. Likewise, these same setback requirements could require windmills to be built so many feet from a structure.

    There are windmills in the area that I live. While not in my jurisdiction, I have sent info to the county emergency manager on the dangers of windmills (fires, collapses, etc.).

    In the fire service, it is better to be proactive than reactive.

    Personally, I favor windmills, but precautions must be in place, in case something goes wrong.