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52-Car Autobahn Pileup Kills 3, Injures 35

Piling Up Continued For Several Minutes

A CHAIN-REACTION ACCIDENT involving 52 vehicles occurred over a several-minute time span Friday night on A-31 autobahn in Germany.  The wreck began around 7:15 pm when traffic suddenly drove into a fog bank.  As the cars piled up, several people became trapped inside their cars.  Two people who were able to escape from their car started to walk away but were struck and killed by another car that drove into the mess.  A third person died inside his car.  A total of 35 others were injured enough to need transporting.

WN News

There were 150 firefighters and 250 emergency medical workers on the scene for several hours as victims were located in a crash site that  extended one kilometer along the roadway altogether.  It took 24 hours to completely clear the wreckage and debris off the road plus more time to repair damaged spots in the pavement.

WNTV prepared two video reports.  First one taken early during the fog:


Next one taken next morning when fog lifted and helicopter could get up:


Westfaelische Nachrichten has the STORY.

Hat tip:  Christian Lewalter

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