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More “Imported From Detroit”

See It Through

Bill Shea, writing in today's Automotive News, provides the background to this ad that sells Detroit as much as the Chrysler 300 flagship:

The spot features Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and metro Detroit neighborhoods and people, similar to the "Imported from Detroit" spots unveiled during the Super Bowl in February.

It also features the 1917 Edgar Guest poem "See It Through." Its music is late iconic bluesman Muddy Waters singing "Mannish Boy."

The English-born Guest (1881-1959) grew up in Detroit and was Michigan's poet laureate and was a Detroit Free Press reporter, a radio host and TV show host, according to information from Chrysler.

Chrysler launches new Detroit-themed TV spot

How would you construct advertisements supporting urban fire departments?

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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  • Jesse

    As one in search of a new sedan/suv for the family, I have looked and I wish them well.  Their new stuff looks better and more solid than even a year ago.  Just nothing there for me.

    Could never get myself to the point of buying a large sedan – like better gas milage.  Cool commecial – car is one of the products of Daimler’s ownership – shares some design elements and a few components with the Mercedes line. 

    • TopV7051

      Daimler sold Chrysler in 2007. Daimler took far more from Chrysler than they gave it. A large portion is now owned by Fiat. 

  • JewlerySuxx

    These jewelry guys are a bucnh of scamsters.  Just going to their website they download viruses.  STAY AWAY

  • SFMedic100

    You should be ashamed of yourself to come and make false statements regarding a U.S. Combat Veterans jewelry site.  I just went to the site and I did not get any “viruses” and did not have any other issues.  It is a legitimate site and I find it insulting that you would post such lies.  Perhaps, you could focus on getting an education so you can learn to spell and use grammar correctly when posting false accusations. 
    P.S.- God will get you.

    • firegeezer

      The jewelry site is a spammer who has embedded his garbage all through my website. I am attempting to get it removed now and I apologize to my readers for this illegal intrusion. I will be reporting it to the Secret Service internet investigation branch.