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Winter Carnival radio entertainment. I still miss my “Special XMas”

"The Soundtrack To Your Life"

Sirius XM satellite radio provdies a list of special programs for your Thanksgiving holiday. Click HERE to see a detailed list.

Holiday 2011 features

With more than 140 channels, SiriusXM provides focused temporary channels to cover an anniversary, event or person.  For example, yesterday started "Muppet Radio":

“Muppet Radio” will be a five-day limited run starting on Nov. 23rd, hosted by Kermit the Frog, featuring classic Muppet music and an array of Muppets interacting with hosts from various talk, music, and sports channels.

Muppet Radio Ch. 145 (Online Ch. 813)

Seven channels will provide different holiday themes:

While extensive, I still miss the station that provided my soundtrack. When Sirius and XM were competitors, XM often provided more extreme and creative content.

Special XMas

I enjoyed four years of  Special XMAS. This guilty pleasure kept me in the spirit with the best of the worst and weirdest holiday-themed songs and programs.

XM 107 is the soundtrack to your dysfunctional family holiday. It’s a special, different musical view of Christmas with parodies, novelty songs, hip numbers, retro oddities, and weird tunes that are so bad they’re the musical equivalent of getting underwear for Christmas. It’s like the oddest Christmas mix tape you ever got from that very strange friend.

Well beyond dogs barking Jingle Bells or a replay of the awful 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, it helped me appreciate and celebrate the Winter Carnival in a twisted and perverse manner.

Lee Margulies, writing for the Los Angeles Times, did a December 19, 2006 article on the Special XMAS channel.  Spreading plenty of Christmas jeer: Forget the chestnuts. The only thing getting roasted on an XM Satellite Radio channel is the holiday itself. About 1,200 holiday songs and bits!

Hmm … this may say more about me than I realize (!!)

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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