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Can you hear me now? Roxbury pumper used a fire house siren powered by generator

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Tom Rinelli posted an interesting New Jersey rig in his This ‘N That” blog post:

Roxbury Engine Co# 1, Succasunna (Morris County) NJ – Engine 13

1980 Hendrickson/Continental 1250 gpm/500 gal.

The first (and only) Continental brand apparatus I have ever photographed, this rig features a rear mounted LDH hose reel. Known as “The Pipe Line”, this rig is shown here making its’ last appearance at a wetdown prior to be replaced with a 2011 KME Predator.

A closer look reveals that the rig has a Federal Signal siren (the kind you’d typically find on a firehouse) mounted atop the cab – powered by the onboard generator, the siren was fully functional (and quite loud!!) throughout the wetdown.

Roxbury (NJ) Chemical Engine Company #1

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This website is devoted to many aspects of firematic photography with a particular emphasis on unique fire trucks (hence the name) whether it’s a unique color, a “one-off job” or a rig with a storied past.

Anyone have a video or sound clip of Engine 13?

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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