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But She Kept the Appointment

You Don't Keep a Good Hair Stylist Waiting

 A HOUSTON WOMAN WAS DETERMINED TO KEEP here appointment with her hairdresser Friday.  As she was pulling into a parking space, her car kept on going and plowed right through the front wall of a vacant office next door to the Hair Say salon where she was heading.


KPRC-TV tells us,

The driver was trying to park next to the "Hair Say" salon on West T. C. Jester at 18th Street around 1 p.m. when she told police her brakes stopped working.  Her four-door Lexus smashed through the glass front door and mowed down a 20-foot section of glass, wiping out the waiting room of a vacant business and landing with the back bumper 6 feet inside the business.

Paramedics responded and checked her out, and they told Local 2 Investigates she promptly walked next door for her scheduled haircut before police even arrived. Medics and police described her as a woman in her 70's.

The woman identified by police as the driver said she had nothing to say to reporters, and hair stylists at the salon said she would not come out of the building until news cameras were gone. She then left through a back door with relatives.

Before that, she could be seen in a stylist's chair near a hairdryer, answering questions from police officers.  No citations were issued.

KHOU-TV posted some raw video taken from their helicopter:


Channel 2 has the full story and a better video report from the scene HERE.

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