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Washougal Standoff Update #2

Third Body Recovered

INVESTIGATORS HAVE RECOVERED THE BODY of the third occupant of the house in Washougal, Washington, that was set afire last Wednesday, December 7.  The deranged homeowner had a cache of guns and ammunition and kept the police at bay while he burned down his house.  See the extensive Firegeezer video report HERE and the first update HERE.

Monday the Washougal Police Department announced that the body of Leona Stanbary's twin sister Mona Dougherty has now been recovered and identified.  The day after the fire they had found the charred bodies of Steven Stanbary and his wife Leona Bolton-Stanbary.

Mona Dougherty (left) and Leona Bolton-Stanbary  (KGW-TV)

The police also disclosed that both women most likely died of gunshot wounds before the fire began.  Steven Stanbary's cause of death has not yet been determined.

Steven Stanbary (undated mugshot)

Another new disclosure in this incident is that Steven was supposed to have turned himself in to the police the day after on Dec. 8, to answer some charges for sex crimes.  A spokesman said that it involved allegations of repeated incidents of abuse. They declined to say whether the case involved more than one victim or what the connection was to Stanbary.

The Columbian has this latest information along with more details of the unfolding events that day, including more about the police officer that was fired on by the shooter.  CLICK HERE for the entire article.

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