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Detroit EMS: One Year Later

Charlie LeDuff posts an update

One Year Later: Detroit's EMS System Still in Need of a Cure:

DETROIT (WJBK) – It's a story we've been covering for more than a year — FOX 2 taking a closer look at the way Detroit manages its ambulance service. What we uncovered was a deadly system on the verge of collapse.

Posted December 20, 2011

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

Earlier posts:

July 02, 2011: “More Ambulances, More Training, Less Fear” New Detroit Fire Commissioner Donald Austin reaches out to medical community, says 22 new transport units will start arriving in January. Not writing up guys for minor uniform infractions

Yesterday's report raises questions if the ambulances have been ordered.

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  • Anonymous

    Keep sticking a sharp stick in their eye, Charlie. We need more reporters in other cities who will take city hall to task like you have.

  • ShamrockDriver


  • ukfbbuff

    Mr. Charlie Le Duff continues to do excellent work.
    The tragic thing is, Detroit’s Past Financial History and Past Bad Fire Dept. Leadership has severely hampered Current Chief Donal Austin’s attempts to make Successful Changes in Service Delivery.

     It seems as if the Entire City Council needs to be Voted out and a New One put in it’s place. Clearly it appears they are in part a serious contributor to This Problem.

    When a City Council Member or a Member of their family needs ALS/EMS Care and its delayed and ends in a “Negative Patient Outcome” what are they going to do then?

    Take it out on the DFD?

    Keep up the Good Work Mr. Le Duff.

  • Too Old To Retire

    While LeDuff  might be a little over the top, he is certainly holding the feet of the Mayor and Fire Chief to the fire. No doubt Detroit is mired in the same type of bureaucratic morass that means that the response to an emergency is measured in months or years, not minutes or seconds.

    It seems that Chief Austin wants to correct the ghastly problems plaguing DFD-EMS, but his hands have been tied by the bureaucracy. It also appears that unlike some other big city Mayor’s Detroits Mayor isn’t able to get his administration to actually do anything to resolve the problems.

    Keep it up LeDuff, maybe you’ll get some action.

  • Anonymous

    That is the coolest story I have ever seen. Background music and the reporter ROCKS. Now let’s talk about the EMS issue.  Perhaps they need to fire the people in charge and get someone in that knows how to run an EMS agency not a fire department.