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HGTV Returns to the Rose Parade This Year

The Only Way to Watch the Tournament of Roses Parade

CABLE TELECASTER HGTV WILL BE BROADCASTING the Tournament of Roses Parade from Pasadena, California, again this year.  Regular Firegeezer readers know that the HGTV broadcast has NO commercials or incessant chatter about upcoming shows in the future.  Their expert commentators talk about the parade instead of themselves and you are able to see every float, every marching band, and every equestrian unit in the parade.

In years past, Firegeezer had given up trying to watch the parade on network tv becuase they spent most of their time talking to each other between hundreds of commercials and the viewers never get to see much of the parade at all.  But thanks to HGTV cable channel we can now truly enjoy the parade.

This year, since New Year's Day is on a Sunday, the Tournament of Roses will be held on Monday, January 2.  The parade begins at 8 am Pacific, 11 am Eastern.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • janey

    Yep! HGTV has done a *fantastic* job with this event. Other networks should LEARN from them. 

  • Dave

    They seem to be catching up with the network’s filling “dead air” with conversation.  I watch this to hear about the floats, which they do well.  This year they talked over bands with useless tidbits.

  • Janet Home

    Too bad… They constantly talk about hgtv and talk and talk.. Especially when bands are playing. I would have enjoyed their coverage iChat better without their windows to the rotting of the parade distracting from the current things that are passing. Some of the coverage is great, but it seems like they feel they have to fill every minute with talk.