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Morning Lineup – January 2

Monday Morning – What Are You Reading?

It seems like this year-end break will never end.  Now we're on still another holiday (New Year's Day Observed the calendar printers call it), so the postal workers and bank tellers stay home one more day.  And frazzled Moms have to wait one more day before school re-opens as used and now-unwanted Christmas trees start to pile up on the curbsides.

If you were taking it easy over the weekend and avoiding the computer, you may have missed our Saturday posting HERE where we told how, why and where you can see today's Tournament of Roses Parade on tv without any commercials or other interruptions.  The parade is always bumped to the next day whenever January 1 falls on a Sunday, so this special treat will be broadcast today starting at 8 am Pacific and 11 am Eastern.

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Another heads-up I want to give you this morning is announcing that starting tomorrow we will begin a brief series of  product reviews and informational postings on the Kindle e-readers and related items.  For the past nine months, ebooks have been outselling printed books with the gap growing wider every month.  This is not a fad, but a definitive shift to an entirely different method of information delivery that will affect you whether you want it to or not.  Already some high school districts and colleges are loading textbooks onto e-readers where you can store a complete library in your pocket.  And you can bet your bippy that the next generation of fire and EMS textbooks will be almost solely published digitally as more and more advanced classes are conducted online instead of in classrooms.

So join us as we get you introduced to this amazing gadget along with how they work on Tuesday through Friday.  There are three other major brands of e-readers out there, and perhaps we will get to review those later also.  But the principle is the same and you will find this series informative, I believe.  As a bonus we will spend some time next week reviewing ebooks that have been written by firefighters and EMS providers.

We'd better get started with the equipment check now, so I'll go and get some more coffee started.  Plug in your Kindle charger while we get going and I'll see you back in the day room in a little while.

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