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Tough Guy Punches Out Fire Sprinkler

Night Club Closed For Flooding

"TOUGH GUY" SAMUEL CLUCAS is now a felon with a sore hand after punching a sprinkler head in a Chcago night club Friday morning.

Nobody knows why he decided to knock the sprinkler head off in an area that has a low ceiling, but the resulting waterfall soon left several inches of water inside the SpyBar, a popular night spot on N. Franklin St. in Chicago.  The water also got into the floor DJ equipment causing some major damage with it.

S. Clucas, sprinkler menace
(CPD photo)

The bar bouncers held onto Clucas until the police got there and arrested him.  At first he claimed that he merely bumped into it with his head, but surveillance tapes clearly showed that he took his hand and deliberately swung at the defenseless sprinkler head.

He has been charged with felony criminal damage to property.

WLS has the STORY.

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  • Anonymous

    He certainly looks like the kind of idiot who would have a beer, start feeling both chest hairs and decicide to show how insanely macho he is(n’t)…  Want to bet he was trying to show off for some skank?

  • Jdsfdfjdsfdsj450asd0f9d

    This is one kind of fear that property owner has. Installing a sprinkler, you made your property vulnerable to abuses from such people. You give these abusers a loaded gun and let them harm you easily. Property owner reap the result of installation cost, property damage, repair cost, and attorney fees if such things end up in court, besides countless hours to deal with mess……