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Red-Light Runner Burns Down Detroit House

Passerby Hero Saves One Passenger

AN AUTOMOBILE CARRYING THREE PEOPLE ran a red light at speed Sunday afternoon around 3 pm, clipped another car and then careened out of control into a house.  As the car crashed through a front bedroom, it tore off a gas meter which led to an immediate ignition and the fire moved into the house within seconds.

All the residents were fortunate to be at the rear of the building during the crash, but less fortunate because they lost everything they owned as the interior of the house was gutted.

WXYZ-TV has this video report that includes some fire footage:


Other people already out in the neighborhood rushed to the car to help the occupants.  They were able to cut the seat belt and pull the front-seat passenger to safety, but were unable to free the driver and had to go through the ordeal of watching him burn to death.  The third passenger bolted and ran away.

WJBK-TV has a good interview with the man who saved the passenger's life:


Car Hits House in Detroit, Causes Fire:

WDIV-TV has more details and additional video HERE.

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