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Ambulance Official Charged in Land-Flip Deal

Outside Bidders Excluded

A MISSOURI AMBULANCE DISTRICT OFFICIAL has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor insider information for a land-flip that he profited from in March 2011.  The president of Northland Regional Ambulance District in Platte County, Kevin Rawlings, 40, is accused of buying land and reselling it to his own ambulance authority knowing that they were planning on building a new station in the area.

Kevin Rawlings

The Kansas City Star reports:

According to court records, Rawlings purchased 34 acres in April 2010 for $130,000. He resold 1.5 acres to the ambulance district in March 2011 for $175,000.  Prosecutor Eric Zahnd said Thursday that Rawlings allegedly made $144,000 from the transaction.

Land that sold for $58,000 per acre  (NBC News)

There was no record that the agency had the land appraised at that time, court records stated. However, an appraisal in November 2011 put its worth at $30,600.

Rawlings was elected board president in 2006. He knew as early as 2008 that the district wanted to build a new station near Route U at the Camden Point exit.

According to the ambulance board minutes, Rawlings instructed the District's executive director to look for sites in the area where he had purchased the property.  When the Board "called" for bids, Rawlings was the only bidder.

The dubious activity first came to the taxpayers' attention back in March 2011 when NBC News filed this video report that detailed the entire transaction:


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