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Morning Lineup – February 4

Saturday Morning – Power Up

File this under How to Make a Million.  This little plug-thingy is a power adaptor for the Amazon Kindle e-reader.  A USB cord plugs into the other end of it and when you connect the two, it enables you to recharge the permanent battery in the device.  You don't have to use the power adaptor because you can plug the USB cord into your computer and charge your Kindle from there.  But not only is it much slower that way, but you have to have access to a computer (that is plugged in) to use it.  So this little power adaptor is virtually a necessity, but not absolutely required.

Prior to December 1 this power adaptor was included with your Kindle purchase, so you were all set to go, right out of the box.  But sensing the strong demand for Kindles likely to occur during the Christmas rush, some marketing whiz-kid convinced the policy-makers to include only the USB cord in the sales box and offer the power adaptor separately for $15.  When you take into account that perhaps as many as 5 million Kindle e-readers were sold over the holiday season (Amazon doesn't release the numbers), you can figure for yourself how that boosted the sales figures for the 4th-quarter.

This morning I see that Amazon is selling the adaptor for $10 if you buy it with a Kindle.  That's a welcome concession, but really, guys.  For all the money that your customers are spending already for your device and future eBook sales, you really oughta' go back to including this plug that probably doesn't cost more than 12 cents to make.

Here's a stat for you:  The number of Americans who own a tablet or e-reader is estimated to be 29% of the adult population.

Let's start on another set of stats now and get this equipment checked out.  I'm going to get more coffee started for us… a Saturday kicker.  See you back in the day room.

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