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First Arriving Network

Morning Lineup – February 10

Friday Morning

LODD Update

Sadly, we have to pass along the news that Alexandria, Virginia, Paramedic Joshua Weissman succumbed to his injuries yesterday that he received while working a car fire on Interstate 395 on Wednesday evening.

STATter911 has been staying on top of the story since its inception and has all the details and latest updates including yesterday's press conference HERE.  It is being reported that this is Alexandria's first LODD in over 100 years.

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Mike Legeros, the publisher of Raleigh/Wake Firefighting Blog always has something novel on his front page.  Yesterday he posted a photo of a large electric sign being installed on a shopping mall storefront.  What makes this one unique is that the sign company, instead of using the standard sign crane, this outfit uses a 35-yr.-old American LaFrance aerial to do their work.  CLICK HERE to check out the story and follow his link to more photos of the unique rig.

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Is your cellphone contract coming up for renewal this year?  Usually when you go into the shop to sign up for an extension, the service provider will sweeten the deal if you buy a new, replacement phone at the same time.  Best Buy is offering their own sweetener this year by tossing in a $50 gift card that can be used toward the phone purchase if you choose.  The offer is good until December 31, BUT you have to pre-register by Sunday.  No commitment until you use the offer, but you must be signed up.

Go to their website – – and you'll see the offer right at the top of the front page.  My contract is up next month, so this comes just in time for me.  Just last week I was noticing the good prices they were offering on their full line of smartphones.

We had better get our own equipment checked out now, so while you get started with that I am going to get a fresh pot started.  Then I'll register with Best Buy before we meet back in the day room.  See you there.

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