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Paramedic Fired After Complaining About Supervisor’s Excessive Profanity

Taking It To Court Next

PAUL S. NEWELL HAS BEEN EMPLOYED as a paramedic by the Lower Valley Ambulance Service in western Pennsylvania since 2006.  However, he was fired from his job last May supposedly for "misprioritizing ambulance calls."

Lower Valley Ambulance website photo

Yesterday (Wednesday) he filed suit against the firm claiming he was really fired because he complained about his supervisor's execessive use of profanity and now he wants his job back plus some punitive damages.  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting:

(Newell) said in the complaint that he was hired there in 2006, and is a practicing Christian. His supervisor used "profane speech and expletives that were highly offensive and/or blasphemous," according to the complaint filed by attorney Joseph H. Chivers.

He complained to the supervisor, then to a higher manager, and was then suspended, the lawsuit said, ostensibly for misprioritizing ambulance calls. He was then fired in May.

The lawsuit in U.S. District Court said he suffered discrimination for being a Christian, and retaliation for complaining.

Lower Valley Ambulance Service WEBSITE.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Carl Burney

    Profanity is but a feeble mind trying to project power. 

    • ClevMedic032

      GET A CLUE…profanity has been around since Jesus walked the earth!

      • firegeezer

        And so has murder. They both have their tolerable limits.

      • Firegeezer

        And so has murder.  They both have their tolerable limits.

  • MTParamed

    I agree that profanity is a uneducated mind.  I do see a disturbing trend in the Service (both Fire and EMS), in the the instances of profanity while on the job are increasing.  A persons religious beliefs, or lack thereof, shouldn’t play a role in finding the use of profanity disturbing while on the job.  In our profession, profanity has no place, anytime, anywhere. 

  • Jefferson Holden

    There is nothing fundamentally wrong with vernacular speech.  

  • Xtrememedic1988

    sounds like it  could be a hostile work place

  • rossintx

    I thought there was a constitutional protection of free speech?

    • firegeezer

      Yes, there is. But it does not include being able to force other people to listen to you.

    • Firegeezer

      There is, but it doesn’t include the right to force other people to listen to you.